Monday, June 6, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I haven't worked on these blocks in weeks, but technically it is on the design wall, or design sheet in my case.  The block is from Marti Michell's American Beauty pattern that my LQS is doing as a $5 BOM. If you attend each month's class and bring your completed block from the previous month, the next month's block is free.  Conceivably, you can make a whole quilt for $5.  Such high hopes I had!  Two or three blocks behind already and what with moving and all, I just don't have the powers of concentration it would take for me to work on it this week. 

Colors are way off on this & I wasn't able to get them corrected, but they are really pretty pastel greens, pinks and yellows.  You can see a photo of the real completed quilt here.

The design sheet is now in the washing machine prior to being packed for the move and I am off to tape boxes together.  Hope everyone has a lovely week!

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