Monday, February 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday Seques into Procrastination

What fun working with spring colors!   I'll start sewing the blocks together today, I hope.  Then there's applique in the border, a first for me, but something I've been wanting to try.

I'll also spend time checking out sewing machines.  I've just about decided what I want and now it's down to price, dealer and location.  If I take the plunge and buy an expensive new machine, I hope it improves my work as much as I think it might.  Right now I'm sewing on an older machine with no needle down, thread cutter, knee lift, or decorative stitches of any kind and only six and half inches of throat space.  Throat space and needle down are tops on my list.  Any sewing machine advice is very welcome!

Decision making is hard and I've been known to just keep putting off purchases because of it.  Like right now, I need a new rug and bedskirt for the bedroom, a new vacuum cleaner,  possibly a new couch, and two chairs that need to be reupholstered or slip covered.  And I've put all these things off till I really need it all done at once, which gets overwhelming and too expensive to contemplate.  Oh, and I've had a prescription for new glasses since October but can't get around to picking out frames so I'm still wearing the old ones with a scratched lens that I stepped on two years ago!

Well, don't procrastinate about going over to Patchwork Times and checking out all the other Design Wall Monday posts.  There's some really gorgeous work this week!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Shield Your Eyes!

It's been such a long time since I posted.  Our move was one of the most difficult we've ever had.  Long story.  No point in rehashing.  Anyway, we're in now and I've actually done a bit of sewing so here goes.

Today's quilt is the result of an experiment with the much maligned Wally World fabric.  Last summer I picked up some charm packs and a fat quarter bundle, all on sale.  The colors were so bright and cheerful and the prices so incredibly cheap that I couldn't resist. 

I decided to try a disappearing nine patch and got started.   I was less than happy with the charm squares.  They weren't necessarily on grain or necessarily square.  A few of them felt a bit like window screen.  I persevered, but I was pretty bummed and really didn't give it my best effort figuring it was doomed to failure anyway.  I was also determined to use just my Wally World fabric, thus the haphazard looking borders.  Leftover charms and the fat quarters made up the pieced backing, which I failed to photograph, and I bound it with strips from my scrap bin.

For quilting, I did loops and daisies.  Since the quilt is a riot of colors, I used the many different colored bobbins left over from previous projects which freed up a lot of bobbins and made me feel thrifty.  Used several colors for the top thread as well.

In the end, I liked it better than expected.  While the charm squares weren't the highest quality, the fat quarters were just fine and every bit as nice as quilt shop fabrics.  I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

The final test was the wash.  I expected some fading, but there was none.  The quilt is just as obnoxiously bright as before.

So, what do I think about Wally World fabric?  I think it's like any other.  You can find good fabric or not so good fabric.  You just have to shop carefully, which hopefully, we all do anyway.

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