Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Look What I Won!

Isn't this great?  I won something!

Anita at Bloomin' Workshop had a giveaway during Quilt Market and I won this great book, 3 Times the Charm by Me & My Sister designers Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson.   And just to be extra nice and generous Anita also sent this cute, cute, cute little charm pack of Moda Sanctuary, which totally goes with the book cover.  Thanks so much, Anita!

The flowers in the picture are gardenias and their incredible fragrance just fills the room.  I live in South Carolina and the owners of our house used gardenias as foundation plantings so I have riches of fragrant flowers to cut and bring inside....for now.  The owners have decided they want to sell this house, so out we go!  That is why I don't have anything new to post quilt-wise and probably won't for a while.  I'm in total panic mode till I find a place to live.  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I stumbled across this today and thought I would share...in case anyone is reading.  Leila, who blogs at  Sewn is hosting a skill building class starting June 13th.  It looks like it will be good.  Heaven knows I could use some skill building!  You can read about the sampler here.   And she has just posted about fabric requirements here.   Don't know how fully I can participate due to my own time constraints, but if I can't sew, I'll definately be following.

Other really good and interesting skill building posts can be found at Grey Cat Quilts and Piecemeal Quilts.  Great work and a great service by those bloggers.