Thursday, November 3, 2011

On the Road......Again

We're moving to Tennessee!  Yippee!  We love Tennessee.  We have friends and family there.  There's no state income tax.  It's beautiful.  We spent last Saturday exploring and came across a place, in north Georgia actually, where people were hang-gliding.  Had to stop & watch.  

These people are obviously insane.   This guy was about to literally take a flying leap off the end of that rock.  It was kind of funny.  A lot of folks appeared to be old hands at this.  They'd just walk up, get set, run and jump.  Others, you could tell were scared.  If it were me, my little toes would be digging into that rock!  Next are a few shots of someone jumping.

I will never, never, never do this.  

So anyway,  I spent last week in Chattanooga looking for a place to live.  Rental houses are sky-high and in short supply so when I found something that would mostly work, I jumped on it.  The neighborhood is nice and large so there's plenty of space for my husband to run and me to walk.  The house itself is smaller than we're used to so I won't have a dedicated sewing space.  I'll have to squeeze my machine and fabric and supplies in one of the guest bedrooms.  But that's okay.  I'll finally live close enough to some of the people I love to have visitors!

We don't move till December 1, so I'm back in South Carolina for a few days, supposedly getting ready for the movers, but really, trying to get a hand project together to fill my homeless, sewing machine-less time.  I had most of the blocks pieced for Spaghetti Junction and thought I'd take that with me to sew the blocks together by hand.  Now I've discovered to my anguish and chagrin, that I messed up the seam allowance on a good many blocks.  Much measuring, ripping and resewing is being done.

Guess this picture says a lot about how neat and tidy I am.

On one last sad note, my sweet and terrible little Jack Russell passed away two weeks ago.  I posted about her here back in August for SewCalGal's Pets on Quilts show.  She was so old and tired and just worn out.  I miss her something fierce.  It's like she's all over the house but she's just not here.