Friday, January 17, 2014

Birthday Card!

I painted this card for my husband's birthday.    I think he liked it.  He posted it on the refrigerator, but that may be because it reminded him of a child's refrigerator art!  Hope not. 


I went over my drawing with ink and used watercolor pencils for coloring it in. 

Drawing and painting are so hard!  I want things to look like they do in my head without having to work at it.  Funny how that doesn't happen!   I was really interested in Leslie Saeta's Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days challenge and this what I've done so day 17!

At any rate, I'm trying to discipline myself to at least draw for a while every day and I'll see how I get on with that.  

Oh, and since I'm posting I'm going to go ahead and link to Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  It may not be a quilt or even fiber related, but for me to actually do some art and post it is surely worth a whoop.