Friday, September 23, 2011

More Adventures in Watercolor and a Napkin Quilt Update

Okay, here goes with another watercolor:

This is my very blatant and not very successful attempt to paint like artist Joyce Hicks, specifically her painting called "Aspen Color".   I love her work and would so like to be able to paint like her.  My first attempt at this was much paler and I liked it better up close, but standing away from it, as you normally would while viewing, the two main trees in the front just disappeared.  At the suggestion of my class instructor, I darkened the backgrounds which made the trees more visible but all color subtlety was lost.  Still and all, I kinda like it.  I did, by the way, contact the artist and get her gracious permission to post my attempt at copying.  Do check out her website and blog to see her gorgeous paintings.

On the quilting front, I realized I didn't post a picture of the back of the Tuesday Morning Napkin Quilt so here it is all bound and washed.

And it wouldn't be a quilt post without a folded or rolled shot, so here's another!

It washed up just fine and I think it makes a great, inexpensive utility quilt.  I'm keeping it in my car as my emergency quilt.


Ivory Spring said...

Your painting is GORGEOUS! And the back of your quilt is just as yummy!

Anonymous said...

so pretty! I've never heard of the artist you mentioned, but I am going to follow the link and check her out. I do love the colours in your rendition. The quilt is also lovely.

straythreads said...

Love your painting. and the quilt