Thursday, August 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Slow going here.  My main, or most active wip is still the behemoth log cabinish quilt that I'm hand quilting.

I'm enjoying the quilting even though the size and weight make it hard to maneuver on my lap.  A floor frame would help, but I don't want to sit at attention while I quilt.  This is my down time, slouchy, relaxing in front of the tv with hubby project.  The thread color I chose, a subtly variegated yellow to peachy orange, was only available locally in a DMC #5 floss and that's a little harder to needle than a #8, I think.  

So, that's it for now.  Linking to WIP Wednesday on a Thursday.
Oop!  I see I missed the linking deadline.  Oh well!

So, I was looking at the other WIP Wednesday offerings and came across another WIP linking opportunity, Esther's Blog, which I've never seen before and which looks wonderful so I'm linking there as it's still open.  Now, I'm off to spend hours clicking on all the gorgeous thumbnails there!


Glenda said...

Hi Jane and welcome to our group, its a very motivating group where we have lots of fun learning. Love your colours in your quilt and wonderful hand quilting Cheers glenda

jjthor said...

Love your quilt!! nice fabrics in it!!

Silvana Vituriano said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. His works are beautiful!

beth said...

YOur quilting looks marvelous on this lovely quilt!