Friday, July 26, 2013

Small Finishes

I have a couple of small quilts to share today.  First a baby quilt finished in the spring.  Don't remember the fabric or quilt pattern name.  It was a fun, quick quilt.  Waiting for a home.

Here's the back.  This quilt was pieced while visiting my mama in a land faraway where there are no quilt shops.  So I got the backing and the batting at, dare I say it? Wally World!  The batting is bamboo which I liked a lot.  No complaints with the quality of either batting or backing. Like with anything, you just have to shop carefully, I guess.  

I quilted around all the little birds and flowers in the border print which was a pain in the patootie, but seemed to need doing.

And last, I finished the quilting on the foot warmer quilt I posted about last week.

Had a wonderful time handquilting. 

Here's a peek of the back.

So, I'm linking with Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday at What a Hoot.  

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audrey said...

Both quilts are fantastic! And your handquilting looks incredible!

LynCC said...

What nice quilts. :) Love the backing color on them. My favorite! The quilting on the birds and flowers looks really terrific - well worth the work!!

Alyx Patterson said...

wonderful quilting!

Dee said...

Both quilts are so pretty. Such a sweet baby quilt and the quilting on booth is perfect! Well done!

Margaret said...

Thanks so much for your comments.
I love your blog.