Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Love/Hate Relationship

This quilt was part of the Charm Pack Quilt Along hosted by Freckled Whimsey last summer.  It took me over a year to finish because I very quickly fell out of love with my fabric choice.  Seeing this photo reinforces that feeling.  Not knocking the pattern at all.  Entirely my fault.

Since I didn't love it, it became quilting practice.  

I did a mixture of stitch in the ditch, straight line, and free form feathers.  My straight lines were supposed to be a quarter inch apart.  Sometimes they are.   Looks like I've perfected wonky feathers, too!

Here is the back:

I used plain, inexpensive muslin because that's what I had on hand when I decided to put it together.

Much as I like color, creams & beiges are so calming & restful.  I prefer the back of this quilt to the front.

I love the actual quilting part of the process.  Maybe a machine with more throat space would help.  It took a whole lot of manhandling to get this quilt done on my little machine and sometimes I just couldn't help the wonkiness due to the lack of maneuvering space. 

Once the quilt was washed it became wonderfully crinkly and soft and the bad quilting didn't seem to matter so much.

I'll be linking up with Fabric Tuesday so hop over there and check out all the pretty things!


Cindy said...

Your quilting is just beautiful! I love detailed quilting like this on a pure white. Why not hang it backwards if it makes you happy?

Cathy said...

I think this is lovely and your quilting looks awesome!!!!

Helen in Switzerland said...

It's actually a lovely quilt - and your quilting is great!! Love the feathers!!!

Leila said...

The quilting is beautiful. I love the white work quilts, but I think your top is bright and fun too.

Phone Home Designs by ET said...

I think the pattern, colors, and quilting all look great!

Beth said...

I really like your quilt, and love the quilting. The fact that you did it on a regular machine is wonderful. I have been afraid to try quilting like that on my machine, but now maybe I will try. I doubt it will look anywhere near as good as yours does.

Mitzi said...

I like the quilt very much. I think it is just beautiful and your quilting is great on it. I really like the layout of it.

Anonymous said...

I think you are much too hard on yourself, my dear. It all looks beautiful to me. If you want perfection you go for a factory made item. That's what is so wonderful about hand made items, they have character and personality.

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

I think your feathers are awesome! I Love Love Love feathers! Its great that the creams are working for you as you did such a great job on this quilt - it would be a shame to never use it cause you fell out of love with the top. I personaly love the top, mixing all those colors with the contrast of white really makes me happy. I would put that on my bed or on the couch in a second!! My machine has a small amount of throat space to, I hate it. I have not make or finished any of my big quilts because the thought of trying to get them done on this thing just makes me aggitated. I fell in love with an Elna machine at my local shop - the throat is more then double what I got! Its only $2,500 bucks.. .. eek!