Monday, August 8, 2011

New Blocks!

Finally!  I'm sewing again!  

These two blocks are part of Marti Michell's American Beauty Block of the Month that my lqs is doing as their $5 quilt offering.  I really like the quilt, but these blocks are just wearing me out!  There's no extra fabric included, so one slip of the rotary cutter & you've had it. Just the cutting makes me a nervous wreck.  And if there's any way to miss-cut or make any other kind of mistake I will find it.  That's why one of those plaid pieces is pieced and if the block on the left looks tortured, it is!  When will I ever learn to read through all the instructions before cutting?  Actually, my lqs has been very good about coming up with extra fabric and for free when I've made mistakes. 

Still & all, it's such a pleasure to have my little sewing space back.  I love it there.  My fabrics still aren't organized, but since we've moved in I've finished the quilting on a quilt started last summer (posting on that soon) and finished the top for a child size charity quilt.  Feels good! 

Oh, I'm linking up to Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times.....if I remember how!


Helen in Switzerland said...

You may have sweated blood over these blocks...but no-one would ever know. They look lovely!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Helen, I looked over that plaid to see where it was pieced and could not determine where. Your work is beautiful, the piecing of your blocks, the quilting you did on the charm pack quilt, and the water color. You are a very talented woman! Count your blessings and don't be so hard on yourself.